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Welcome to our family. Australian Labradoodles are our passion. Our goal is to match the best possible puppy with the right forever home. We are not a giant breeder. We are honest, friendly, committed to share these extraordinary dogs with other families all over the United States.

We have been keeping, breeding and raising pedigree dogs for over forty years. Over time we began to notice a change in the blood lines of even the most special breeds. Most of these changes were genetic disorders. They showed up as hyperactivity, nervous disorders, epilepsy, cancers, eye and skin problems. If breeders were more interested in the breed and less interested in their income many of these issues could have been prevented. Inbreeding and selective breeding for specific "show dog" characteristics were the main culprits.

We set out to find a  breed that would be healthy. A breed that  was asthma friendly. Since the dogs are family the need to be house friendly low of non-shedding and a pleasure to have around. Previously we kept pointers and retrievers so Australian labradoodle was a perfect match. Healthy, easy on this asthma, athletic - high energy, a wonder to have in the family.

Next find the right dogs. We found a breeder who had purchased bred dogs from Australia, actually breeding dogs from the research group that originated the breed. Before long we found Lily and she is the best of the best. The DNA of the Tegan, Rutland foundation blood lines with a marvelous disposition and great physique.