Guardian Program


We believe that all our dogs should live a life as a special member of a family. The problem with this philosophy is that we can only keep so many dogs in our home. The answer Guardian homes. 

With Guardian Homes, we have breeding dogs that are living with great families who train, house, care for these special dogs. Full ownership is transferred to the Guardian Family once the dogs breeding career is complete. At this time we are looking for guardian families for a puppy or mature adult Breeding Australian Labradoodle.

Your family will receive the very best available Australian Labradoodle. Historically we keep 1 of 40 pups to be a breeder. We choose our breeding boy and girls as the pick of the litters they were born in. We will also acquire new lines by purchasing a dog. Each puppy will be completely health tested, have eyes exams, DNA testing, Genetic testing, skeletal and hip X-Rays all at the expense of Fox River Labradoodles. The Guardian family loves, cares for and maintains our boys or girls as a family member.

To be considered as a Guardian Home for one of our breeding boys or girls we require that you are a home owner living in Fox River Valley area. You must be able to provide an environment that is safe, secure and meets the standards Fox River has established.

These dogs are very people oriented. They need regular human companionship can’t be caged, kenneled or dog left alone for extended periods of time. It is necessary that you have a yard with a physical fence.. “invisible fence is a possibility”.

Fox River will keep females during heats, delivery’s and until the puppies are weaned. Following breeding age, the girls are spayed and the guardian family receives the pedigree and ownership papers. Males will be on call and available for breading but otherwise are kept with the guardian family.

Be a Guardian


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