White Labradoodle face
George is Gorgeous

Puppy Daddy 1

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Registered name:  Rosewood Denali

We are his guardians he has been with us all his life.

Registration number:  ALAA-017530


Call name:  George

We are thrilled to be able to use George in our program.

Georges name is a reference to Gorgeous George from the golden age of professional wrestling. Our George is truly gorgeous.

George is extremely intelligent and intuitive along with being so gentle and loving with children.  He is from the foundation bloodlines that have made ideal service, support, and therapy dogs. George has already produced many amazing family companions and with puppies that have the size and qualities to enter the service or therapy line of work. When is come to Standards that are beautiful, have the disposition of a saint, can play all day tirelessly and lay at your feet there are very few that compare. If you find one he is likely a son of George.

George is a standard 26 inches at the shoulder and 65 lbs. He has a gorgeous soft flowing (white) fleece coat. George is in the 90th percentile for PennHip, elbows good, PRA clear through parentage and has passed his CERF testing. George’s registered name is Rosewoods Denali and is owed by Rosewood Labradoodles and Guardian homed by our family. 


chocolate dog in water
Sydney loves water

Puppy Moma

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We are pleased to introduce Rosewood  Miss Lily

Registration number: ALAA-048469

Registration number: ALCA-2013000293

Call name: Lily Paddy or Lilly Pad


Lily is a wonderful girl who is simply the best disposition of any dog we have had in forty years. She is she is 24 inches tall and 65 lbs. and thinks she is a long-haired Labrador Retriever.

She is still under the impression that she is a puppy that can crawl in your lap and get your undivided attention. She is beautiful has an unmatched disposition and a beautiful curly fleece coat that is pretty much wash and wear. 

She is from the original Australian / Tegen and Rutland blood lines and is registered with the ALAA and the ALCA. We have kept two of her puppies to insure we keep this outstanding quality in our program.