How to Adopt a Puppy

You will think we ask a lot of questions. We don't mean to.

Our mission is to find the best match for family and puppy. We need to know you and your situation to do that.

We are looking for a home with a yard and fence. If no fence is available, "Invisible Fence" is acceptable. The dogs need to get out and get tired from playing walking and running. If you walk daily, run or ride a bike for exercise you will have a best friend.

We are looking for families with children. We generally suggest no small toddlers or babies. Puppies are babies they don't know that getting poked in the eye is just playing. Puppies nip with each other as a way of playing; babies don’t. Puppies haven't learned yet not to jump up and we don't want an accident. Gavin was almost two when we first got George and that was perfect. We have seven kids and lots of wonderful grandchildren so there are always kids around our dogs. We are just concerned about baby people and baby dogs.

Almost half of the puppies we have placed have gone to special needs families. Service dogs, children with Autism, Asthma, Allergies. One is in Ohio where she lives with special needs adults.  Two are in Peoria, Il. training to be a support dog for someone. These are dogs live for their people.

We have a couple from our first litter who, live in a townhome. She works from home and takes her boy out to the dog park twice a day for exercise. While she is there, she gets a break from working. They are runners and hikers they have a companion everywhere they go.

One family is busy, busy. Husband and wife teach and are gone all day from the home. Their son is in school all day. The Puppy goes to daycare three times a week and loves it. She doesn't want to come home she has so much fun.

The only absolutes are these dogs need companionship they live for people. They will not thrive being if kept in a crate all day. They need exercise to get the high energy out so they can chill and are the best and sweetest dogs you can imagine.

Long daily walks are the best thing for a puppy twice a day. Want to adopt email me at or call 847-708-4717.